Gold House is a Toronto-based jewellery wholesale company established in 1984. Founder and CEO, Yeghia (Eli) Nersessian, has experience as a designer, goldsmith and setter dating back to his childhood years.  He has always had an eye for design.

After earning his Master’s in Architecture, he worked for several years as an architect in Armenia, Jordan, Israel and Canada, but found his true calling in importing and designing jewellery in the early 1980s and has never looked back.

We select, import, manufacture our high-quality merchandise, ensuring exquisite design and competitive prices.

Specializing in diamonds, precious stones, and semi-precious stones, 99 per cent of our jewellery and stones are imported. We also carry synthetic stones, pearls and finished products such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and pendants suited to every taste, age, and budget.

Not only does Gold House carry traditional best-sellers but the latest in trends and innovations due to bi-annual trips to Europe and Asia.

What keeps customers returning to Gold House is the simple fact that there is no middleman unnecessarily driving up the cost. No hidden charges, no unwelcome surprises, and we don’t cut corners to boost our profits. Keeping in mind word of mouth is the cheapest advertising, we aim to please the customer first and foremost. See for yourself, book an appointment to peruse our jewellery.

Last Updated on May022012